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Healthier Living

 In getting healthy and trying to lose weight, I think I am gonna do a weekly recap of my progress including success and failures probably every Sunday. I want to start writing more as it really has been fun and therapeutic in a way.  Last week I went on a shopping trip and  got lots… Continue reading Healthier Living

Product Reviews

Miss Spa Paper Masks: A Review

*Disclaimer: This not a sponsored review and have no affiliation with Miss Spa. These are my unbiased opinions alone.  So I have been wanting to try sheet masks, they are  everywhere and Instagram is flooded wirh them. I decided to try 2 of them out. I grabbed two while I was at Target they ranged… Continue reading Miss Spa Paper Masks: A Review

Life, Weight Loss

Fulfilling 7 Goals in 30 Days

I am going to start by saying, the reason I'm posting this here is to hold myself accountable. Something I don't always do is verbalize my goals or wants. I have had the same goals for a while but I am not good at pushing myself to achieve them. Without further rambling these are my… Continue reading Fulfilling 7 Goals in 30 Days

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4 Last Minute BBQ Recipes

This weekend I decided that I wanted to have a BBQ. I guess you might say that I have "spring fever". My boyfriend, Tim and I brought over ingredients to have dinner to my sister's house. My sister Ashleigh and her fiancé Westen moved back to Montana in October. After years living the life of the… Continue reading 4 Last Minute BBQ Recipes


How did you get that name?

If you are here I bet you wonder what the name of my blog means, am I right? I know I would be wondering. That's something I always think about when I find a new blog I start reading. How did they come up with that? I'm going to let you in on the secret… Continue reading How did you get that name?