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 In getting healthy and trying to lose weight, I think I am gonna do a weekly recap of my progress including success and failures probably every Sunday. I want to start writing more as it really has been fun and therapeutic in a way. 

Last week I went on a shopping trip and 

got lots of healthy foods. I got fruit and veggies and things that I normally wouldn’t have bought. I started using an app to help me monitor my calorie intake called MyFitness Pal, this is a cool app because it helps you monitor calories, offers challenges, recipes and syncs to your fitness monitors like Fitbit or Jawbone. I like this app because it gives you a breakdown of the nutritional breakdown of your food by macros also. 

I found the first half of the week super easy and exciting. I was actually eating breakfast and cutting out sodas and sugary treats. I made it a point to get physical activity in by doing Fitbit challenges with my mom and even doing Zumba. It was not hard until about Thursday, that morning I woke up not wanting to eat nice things. I had to run into the office that day and by the time I got off I did not want to meal plan. I called Tim and asked what he wanted me to pick up on my way home. So we dined on Burger King that night. On Friday I didn’t walk or exercise but I did eat pretty healthy except I enjoyed a soda that day. Yesterday was a day of gluttony! My sister Ashleigh, and I had a girls day and got our nails done. After we went to one of Ashleigh’ s favorite restaurants China Buffet. I’d never been there and had I would’ve known what to expect and not pigged out on fried egg roll and wontons. I should have had the salad bar. This lapse I had, made me realize this is going to take time. I am not going to change 27 years worth of bad habits overnight but just because I had a bad day or 2 doesn’t mean the race is over…this is a marathon not a sprint. So today I made sure to eat a healthy breakfast and will monitor what I eat throughout the day. Tomorrow starts a brand new week and today I got on the scale and even though I had had my lapses in being healthy, I lost 2 pounds this week and 7 pounds since I made my first blog post, so even if I can’t visibly see progress yet I am 1 step closer to living a healthier life. 

I hope that I can continue this journey with a mindset of gratitude. I am grateful to be alive and to be working on becoming a better person inside and out. I hope that you can find some hope that even 1 bad day doesn’t ruin everything and you’ll stay on journey too!

I would love to hear about your journey, successes, failures or advice in the comments!

I’ve added a few pictures of my healthy breakfasts below. What are you eating? I’d love to hear from you! 



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