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Miss Spa Paper Masks: A Review

*Disclaimer: This not a sponsored review and have no affiliation with Miss Spa. These are my unbiased opinions alone. 

So I have been wanting to try sheet masks, they are  everywhere and Instagram is flooded wirh them. I decided to try 2 of them out. I grabbed two while I was at Target they ranged at $2.99 and $3.99. I was skeptical because it is literally a piece of paper sitting on your face but I was willing to try it out. 

I tried Miss Spas brand of masks. The first I tried was the  24k Gold Radiance mask. This one is supposed to give your skin a brightening boost. When I opened the package it was literally filled with a serum that looked like melted gold. I unfolded the paper mask and smoothed it over my face which apparently is not the designed face shape for these masks. I was getting it all over my lips because of the location of the cutouts. I waited the 20 mins with the mask on my face as the packaging directed. Boy, was it chilly. I think I’d really enjoy it on a super hot day or when you are feverish. 

After the 20 minutes, I carefully took the mask off. Something to keep in mind which I was not expecting is that it never got dry during the process. The packaging directs you too pat any excess product left on the skin into your face. Let me tell you I had quite a bit leftover so my hands ended up being a little sticky and gold. 

My skin looked shimmery like I had put on way too much highlighter. I was slightly worried I was going to gold all over my pillows since I was preparing for bed. I am a back and side sleeper and thankfully the next morning my pillows were fine. 

I woke up expecting my face to still be ridiculously golden but it wasn’t, there was just a nice glow and my face felt very soft.

I waited about 5 days to try the Charcoal Clarifying mask. I was half expecting it to be a black mess like the other black masks on Pinterest, which are painful but effective. This was just a black paper material and the serum was clear. I followed the directions just as before with the same result although this time I didn’t look like a shiny Oscar statue.

The next morning my face was soft but I’m not sure that I visibly saw any effects of clarification that the mask promised. 

Overall, I would probably buy these again but I think I might stick with paying an extra buck for the gold at least the effects are visual. For a peice of paper they weren’t the best mask but they were a nice cooling way to relax for 20 minutes. I recommend picking up a few. You never know when you need a relaxing little pick me up. 

Hope this helps you in your decisions on purchasing these. I’d love to hear about your favorite masks or ways to relax in the comments below! Thanks!



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