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17 Must Haves in my Bag

So whenever somebody picks up my purse people always say  "OMG! what's in your bag? It's so heavy!" Or  "Do you have a brick in there?”  So I thought it would be fun to show you what is in mine. I always see celebrities in magazines doing what's in my purse features as well as… Continue reading 17 Must Haves in my Bag

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April’s Goals and Inspiration 

This is has been a hard update to post because as much as I have been trying to reach goals the last 2 weeks I have not been eating healthy. I gained 5 of 7 lbs I had lost back. I think a lot of it comes from the loss of my previous job. I… Continue reading April’s Goals and Inspiration 


Surviving a Layoff: 5 of the Essentials

The last week was a hard one for me. After nearly six and a half years, my employment at my company that I was working for has ended. When I found out that I was being laid off I was really upset. I won't lie, I thought I wouldn't find anything and I was considering… Continue reading Surviving a Layoff: 5 of the Essentials