Surviving a Layoff: 5 of the Essentials

The last week was a hard one for me. After nearly six and a half years, my employment at my company that I was working for has ended. When I found out that I was being laid off I was really upset. I won’t lie, I thought I wouldn’t find anything and I was considering taking lower position within my company so that I could stay with that sense of security in knowing that I don’t have to meet new people or try new things.  I knew that this was my chance to make the loss of my job the best thing that could happen to me. 

I found out in January that my department was no longer going to exist since that I’ve come to terms with this I’m no longer mad. I’m just sad, sad that the last 6 years has brought me so many opportunities and so many new friendships and now I’m leaving that.

 On Friday last week, I chose to leave silently and on my own terms. I didn’t want sad goodbyes. On the other hand, I was also afraid that no one would care that I was leaving but I was wrong there are people that are going to miss me and I will miss them.

 I am so excited for my next journey. I’m not sure where my path is going to lead but I know that wherever it goes I will be strong. Stronger because I’ve had to go through the loss of a career, stronger because I’ve had to pick up the pieces and rebuild but most importantly I’m able to recognize that it’s okay for things to change.

 In the same bittersweet feeling that I’m having, I’m also really looking forward to seeing what options are available. I could do anything, I don’t “have” to work in the corporate world. I can restart and find my passion. Maybe I will try writing that novel I always dream about. I’m still young enough that there  are people my age who haven’t even decided on a career yet. 

I’m hoping that through this process of writing my feelings about this loss, I will help someone. I’d love to hear about your experiences and any advice you might have! 

Here are 5 things to do when you are part of a downsizing or layoff scenario.

1. Don’t Fumble– Try not to be consumed by self pity. I have had my time binging on bad daytime tv, Ben and Jerry’s and anger, but it doesn’t change what is happening. Keep a routine and try to remain positive.

2. Leverage your network– Remain friends with  colleagues and former managers. You never know where your next job offer may come from, and they may be your biggest support.

3. Stay Classy– Do not put yourself in a position where you may later regret your words or actions when leaving your company. Be remembered for your dignity and class.

4. Get Organized– Understand your household’s budget and how it will be affected. Ensure your Resumé is up to date, along with your LinkedIn profile. Prepare for your job search with an open mind.

5. Relax– It is hard not knowing what your next move will be, but it can also be freeing. Maybe you were wanting to expand your knowledge or you were feeling stifled in your previous role, now you can make changes that you might have been putting off. Remember it is Okay to not have the answers sometimes. BE KIND TO YOURSELF!


2 thoughts on “Surviving a Layoff: 5 of the Essentials”

  1. Ugh, job loss! Been there, completely different circumstances but hard in the same! Sounds like you handled it gracefully. You write very well and offer good advice. Not going to lie, I never knew what check the link in my bio meant… until today. I clicked It! Love reading your words!!! So sincere! Keep up the good work lady and I’ll see you in a couple of months!!!

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