17 Must Haves in my Bag

So whenever somebody picks up my purse people always say

 “OMG! what’s in your bag? It’s so heavy!” Or  “Do you have a brick in there?”

 So I thought it would be fun to show you what is in mine. I always see celebrities in magazines doing what’s in my purse features as well as other bloggers. So here’s what’s in mine omitting the crumpled receipts, wrappers and crumbs, my 17 items that make my purse feel like I’m hauling concrete across state lines.

  1.  My Wallet- a super, old Fossil wallet that is well loved.
  2. A hairbrush
  3. TicTacs
  4. My makeup bag- I know it’s a little  excessive to carry that much with me but I constantly find myself using it. There’s a mixture from the drugstore and Ulta ranging from CoverGirl, NYX, to Smashbox.
  5. My Purse Organizer- I got this on the Wish App for super cheap. I love it! 
  6. Battery Pack Charger and USB
  7. Gum
  8. Excedrin-I suffer from migraines from time to time.
  9. Crystal Light Liquid in Blackberry Lemonade-not a huge water fan but this helps me stave off soda usually.
  10. Tahiti Island Dream Lotion from Bath and Body Works.
  11. Endless Weekend Body Spray from Bath and Body Works 
  12. Pink Chiffon Lotion from Bath and Body Works
  13. Pumpkin Berry Crumble Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works 
  14. Caffeine Pills- Yep, totally not good for you but I used them when I used to work 10 hr shifts starting at 6 am.
  15. Nasal Spray- This girl has major allergies!
  16. Sunglasses- These are Wayfarers from Nectar
  17. Lenses for my camera on my phone.

**Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored in any way to mention these brands they are just some of my favorites! 

So that is what I have in my bag almost 100% of the time! What is your must haves in your purse or backpack? Comment below!


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